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z/OS CPU MF Enablement Education

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Kathy Walsh
John Burg

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Advanced Technical Sales

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z10; z10 BC; z10 EC; z114; z196; zEnterprise 196; z/OS

Abstract: Included here is all of the information presented during the two part z/OS CPU MF Enablement Webinar. The first part of the webinar provides general information on CPU MF and the z/OS HIS Component. Included with this section are detailed implementation instruction for enabling CPUMF. The second part of the webinar is a detailed education webinar giving in-depth training on the HIS data using 40 different samples of HIS data to illustrate concepts and usage.

Included in this document is an overview of the program including how to register, an implementation guide for turning on the z/OS HIS facility, and FTP directions for sending data to IBM if you want to participate in the data portion of the program.

Webinar 1
Part 1: Presentation CPU MF Webinar Part 1 May 2 Final.pdfCPU MF Webinar Part 1 May 2 Final.pdf
Part 1: Replay
CPU MF Implementation DetailCPUMF Implementation Details.pdfCPUMF Implementation Details.pdf
Webinar 2
Part 2: Presentation CPU MF Webinar Part 2 June 14 Final.pdfCPU MF Webinar Part 2 June 14 Final.pdf
Part 2: Replay





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IBM System z Software




CPU MF Enablement, HIS

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