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PowerHA v7 Rolling Migration Overview and Demo

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Michael E Herrera

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Advanced Technical Sales

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PowerHA SystemMirror

Abstract: The following is a recording with an overview of how to perform a rolling migration to PowerHA v7. It starts with a two-node hot standby v6.1 cluster, and shows the tasks being performed on a running cluster.

In this demo I perform a rolling migration to PowerHA v7.1 with SP4 at the same time. Be aware that you should not apply any full service pack or individual fix on top of the base filesets until all nodes in the cluster are upgraded to the new base release. The only exception is the application of interim fixes supplied specifically for the base file sets, which is allowed. Though I show it works, it's technically not supported to do so. The pubs will also remind you of this.

This demo can also be streamed online on youtube at:




Installation and Migration




hacmp, powerha, caa, upgrade, migration

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