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WAS z/OS V8.5 Wildfire Workshop Material

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Don Bagwell

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 8.5 was made available in June of 2012. In many ways it is similar to V8, but in other ways new function has been added -- most notably, the new "Liberty Profile" server model, and the inclusion of the Compute Grid function and the Virtual Enterprise function.

The PDF files below represent the handouts used for the new WAS z/OS Version 8.5 Wildfire Workshop developed and delivered by the IBM Advanced Technical Skills organization from Gaithersburg, MD. The new V8 workshop carries the course code "WBSR85".

Wildfire Workshops are no-fee technical hands-on workshops intended to make IBM customers and Business Partners more aware and familiar with IBM technical offerings. The following URL provides information on other Wildfire offerings and information on enrolling in a given workshop session:

Note: for those interested in the Version 8.0 materials, see the bottom of this Techdoc page.

Workshop Promotional Flyer

    The following one-page flyer may be used to understand the content workshop or promote the workshop.

    Wildfire WBSR85.pdfWildfire WBSR85.pdf
Unit 1 - Introduction and Overview Unit 2 - Administrative Model

    The administrative model for WAS z/OS is in many ways common with WAS on distributed platforms. There are some differences, but they manifest at points where WAS interacts more closely with the platform operating system. In this unit we cover the way in which the configuration file systems are maintained on z/OS; we offer a brief introduction to the WSADMIN scripting interface; and we offer a review of the new "High Performance Extensible Logging" (HPEL) feature and a means of pushing log output to the UNIX file system with better management.

    Unit 2 - CHARTS - Administrative Model.pdfUnit 2 - CHARTS - Administrative Model.pdf
    Unit 2 - NOTES - Administrative Model.pdfUnit 2 - NOTES - Administrative Model.pdf
Unit 3 - Server Models

    WebSphere Application Server for z/OS has two essential server model -- the multi-JVM server model with the controller and the servant regions; and the new "Liberty Profile" server model introduced with WAS V8.5. In this unit we will provide a review of both with a particular focus on how the offering for z/OS takes specific advantage of the z/OS platform. In addition, we look at the "Granular RAS" feature of WAS z/OS which allows WAS behavior to be isolated to the request level rather than just the server level.

    Unit 3 - CHARTS - Server Models.pdfUnit 3 - CHARTS - Server Models.pdf
    Unit 3 - NOTES - Server Models.pdfUnit 3 - NOTES - Server Models.pdf
Unit 4 - Accessing z/OS Data

    Applications depend on data, and data serving is a key value attribute of the z/OS operating system platform. In this unit we explore how to access three types of data from a WAS z/OS application server -- relational data (JDBC, such as DB2), non-relational data (JCA, such as CICS), and messaging resources (JMS, such as MQ). Further, we highlight a feature of that provides for data resource failover and failback, which serves to enhance availability.

    Unit 4 - CHARTS - Accessing zOS Data.pdfUnit 4 - CHARTS - Accessing zOS Data.pdf
    Unit 4 - NOTES - Accessing zOS Data.pdfUnit 4 - NOTES - Accessing zOS Data.pdf
Unit 5 - Installation Manager Unit 6 - WebSphere Optimized Local Adapters

    WebSphere Application Server for z/OS provides an exclusive cross-memory data exchange mechanism called "Optimized Local Adapters" (WOLA). It is a technology that exploits the ability of the z/OS operating system for one address space to reference and copy data from another address space's virtual memory without having to invoke networking protocols. It provides a very efficient and very low-latency mechanism for exchanging data between WAS z/OS application and external address spaces such as CICS, IMS, Batch Programs, USS processes and ALCS.

    Unit 6 - CHARTS - WOLA.pdfUnit 6 - CHARTS - WOLA.pdf
    Unit 6 - NOTES - WOLA.pdfUnit 6 - NOTES - WOLA.pdf
Hands-on Lab Instructions

    Units 2 through 4 and Unit 6 have associated hands-on labs that serve to illustrate and reinforce the concepts delivered during presentation. The following is the lab instructions guide for the labs in this workshop:

    WBSR85 Lab Instructions.pdfWBSR85 Lab Instructions.pdf
WBSR8 (Verison 8.0) Workshop Materials




Operational Management


IBM System z Family

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WebSphere; IBM System z Software




WAS z/OS V8 WBSR8 WebSphere Application Server

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