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Connecting the External Network to the zBX: Avoiding the BIG Mistake

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Linda Harrison
Friedrich Michael Welter

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Product(s) covered:

z114; z196; zBX; zEnterprise; zEnterprise 196

Abstract: This document is a complete replacement of the previous versions by the same title. Customer experience with the zBX has led IBM to depart from its original requirements for Layer-3 connectivity between the external data network and the IEDN TORs of the zBX. Test cases show that IBM can support a wider set of connectivity alternatives than those that were originally recommended. As long as a customer follows a minimum set of rules for connectivity to the zBX, the attachment to the external ports of the zBX can be implemented with either Layer-3 or Layer-2 definitions.



Hardware; Software; Solutions


Installation and Migration


Business-to-Business (B2B) or e-Marketplace; Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO); Business Integration


Cross-Platform; IBM BladeCenter; IBM Power Systems; Networking

S/W Pillar(s):

IBM System z Software


AIX; MVS; OS/390; Windows 7; z/OS


zBX TOR IEDN Switch Router Layer 2 layer 3

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