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z/OS Version 1 Release 13 Technical Update

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Riaz Ahmad

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Abstract: IBM® z/OS® V1.13 and IBM z/OS Management Facility V1.13 include many new capabilities designed to address systems management and operations, batch programming and performance, as well as usability and optimization functions. Your data, applications, and systems are critical; z/OS and z/OSMF can help you manage your systems and optimize your staff.

Click on the links for the presentation foils and audio. This presentation was given at IBM System z Technical University 2011 in October by Riaz Ahmad (IBM ATS Washington Systems Center).

z/OS V1.13 includes several enhancements designed to:
  • Help you get early warning of certain system issues before they become obvious to help you act quickly and decisively with integration between z/OS Predictive Failure Analysis and Runtime Diagnostics functions.
  • Simplify application programming with a new z/OS base component, z/OS Batch Runtime environment, designed to enable COBOL and Java™ to interoperate with DB2® applications while maintaining transactional integrity, thus allowing enhancements to existing COBOL DB2 application suites with Java-based DB2 access.
  • Help you shorten batch windows using JES2 JCL improvements and a new option to free tape volumes more quickly.
  • Improve spool volume management by using new JES2 spool migration function and JES3 dynamic spool add capability.
  • Improve I/O performance between 50% (1.5X) and 150% (2.5X) for many z/OS UNIX™ workload using shared zSeries® File System (zFS) in a Parallel Sysplex®. Applications that use zFS, such as z/OS UNIX System Services and WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS, are expected to benefit.1
  • Improve performance for traditional workloads with IEBCOPY improvements.
  • Provide more options you can use to secure your data with newer, faster, and more scalable encryption and security capabilities incorporated in IBM Tivoli® Directory Server for z/OS (LDAP), RACF®, z/OS System SSL, ICSF, and z/OS PKI Services.

z/OS Management Facility V1.13 offers several enhancements designed to:
  • Clone z/OS images and deploy software more easily and consistently, using a new software deployment task
  • Define new storage volumes to SMS quickly and easily, using a new DASD management task
  • More easily maintain highly secure network connections with an updated z/OSMF-based Configuration Assistant for z/OS Communications Server
  • Create a more unified z/OS experience for system programmers by enabling a new web-enabled ISPF interface from z/OSMF
  • Support easier monitoring of z/OS Capacity Provisioning Manager status, using a new capacity provisioning task
  • Consolidate monitoring for z/OS and Linux™ workload server resources with new, integrated Linux system data gatherers in the updated Resource Monitoring task
  • Improve monitoring and management of incidents, and sending of diagnostic data using the updated Incident Log task
  • Integrate the z/OS experience with the ability to link and launch between z/OSMF applications and between z/OSMF and other browser-accessible applications
  • Deliver a new REST interface designed to enable z/OS and non z/OS systems to submit z/OS jobs, obtain job status, retrieve job output, and more.

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