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DS8000 Configuration Worksheets

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Paul Spagnolo

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 2107; # 2421; # 2422; # 2423; # 2424

Abstract: DS8000 Configuration Worksheets in MS-Excel file format

The attached MS-Excel file contains the DS8000 customization worksheets for configuring the DS8000 during the initial installation. These worksheets are used by the installer to set the IP address, company name/location, notification and remote support parameters on the DS8000. Complete the spreadsheet and provide to the IBM SSR for installation
This is a subset of the DS8870 Introduction and Planning Guide, GC27-4209

DS8000_config_worksheets 2014-10-10.xlsxDS8000_config_worksheets 2014-10-10.xlsx




Installation and Migration


IBM System Storage



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