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WCG01 - WebSphere Batch for z/OS Wildfire class materials

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Don Bagwell
Louis Wilen, Lee-Win Tai

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WebSphere Extended Deployment

Abstract: These are the presentations for Wildfire class WCG01 - WebSphere Compute Grid for z/OS. The material is provided primarily as a reference for former participants and for customers who wish to preview the material before attending the workshop. The WCG01 workshop is held in many cities in the USA and held occasionally in other countries.

Information about IBM Wildfire Workshops is available at:

To obtain an invitation to attend this no-charge workshop, please contact your IBM marketing representative.

Here are the foils and workshop handouts for the WebSphere Batch Workshop:
WCG01 - Dallas - 2014-02.pdfWCG01 - Dallas - 2014-02.pdf
1. Introduction & Overview of Compute Grid and WebSphere Batch V.8.5 on z/OS
2. Run-time Customization
3. Job Management Overview - Explore and run sample applications
4. Programming Framework - Develop your first Java batch job for WebSphere Batch
5. JZOS Facilities & Usage with WCG
6. Integration with the CICS Batch Container Feature Pack
7. COBOL Container - Integrate Java batch with COBOL in WCG
8. Integration with JES Schedulers - Submit jobs using WSGRID utility
9. Parallel Job Manager - Configure and run a job that uses the Parallel Job Manager
10. Job Classification and Reporting - Use WLM to classify Batch work and use SMF records for Batch Jobs
11. Problem Determination & other topics.




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Business Integration

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WebSphere; IBM System z Software




WebSphere, compute grid, xd, extended deployment, batch job

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