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PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Enterprise Edition Demos

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Michael E Herrera

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Advanced Technical Sales

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PowerHA SystemMirror

Abstract: The following are a couple demos of some of PowerHA Enterprise Edition utilizing SVC and Hitachi Replication

The following are demos of PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Enterprise Edition 6.1 SP3.
The first demo was from a customer proof of concept performed on systems in Chicago. It is utilizing SVC global mirror for the replication. It consists of:

Power 7 750s
AIX 6.1.6
PowerHA/EE 6.1 SP3
SVC 5.1

The audio isn't great but you may want to listen to get to get an overview of how the demo actual shows. I show the system configuration from each side. I show cluster resources is up on primary, oracle is running, and execute a script to write entries to Oracle. Then I show all resources are up on remote site after fallover. Including service IP, vgs online, oracle is running, and a verification that all records were written to the replicated LUNs.

The second demo was a test environment used during the writing of the PowerHA 7.1 redbook using Hitachi TrueCopy. There is not a real application in this environment but a simple script that writes to a log file every second to show that the replication does actual work on the fallover node/remote site. Now it is also a recording of a recording. I re-recorded to include the slides with an overview of the environment, then played the fallover recording afterwards.

AIX 6.1.6
PowerHA/EE 6.1 SP3
CCI 01-23-03/06




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powerha, hacmp, systemmirror, svc, hitachi, global mirror, truecopy

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