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IBM i POWER External Storage Support Matrix Summary

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Allyn G Walsh

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Advanced Technical Sales

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DASD; DS3000; DS3200; DS3400; DS3500; DS4000; DS4700; DS4800; DS5000; DS5020; DS5100; DS5300; DS6000; DS8000; DS8300; DS8700; DS8800; i5 520; i5 550; i5 570; i5 595; N series; NAS; OS/400; Power5; POWER6; POWER7; Power 750; Power 770; Power 780; Power 795; Power Systems I/O; SAN Volume Controller; VIOS; XIV storage systems

Abstract: The "IBM i POWER External Storage Support Matrix Summary" provides you with a quick summary of all IBM supported external storage - native attached (fiber direct or SAN) or virtualized (PowerVM VIOS), and how it can be used. For non-IBM storage on IBM i, please contact the 3rd party vendor to determine support.

Jun 2018- iExternalStorageMatrix_draft.pdfJun 2018- iExternalStorageMatrix_draft.pdf


Hardware; Software


Planning and Design


IBM Power Systems; IBM System i; IBM Storage




DS8000, V7000, DS5000, DS4000, DS3000, DS6000, IBM i storage, IBM i external storage, IBM i, i5/OS, OS/400, storage, SVC, XIV, V3700, DS8870

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