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Power and Cooling Related Links

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William Champion

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BladeCenter; BladeCenter HT; BladeCenter S; IBM Flex System; IBM PureFlex Express; IBM PureFlex System; IBM PureSystems; IBM System x; PureFlex; x3500 M3; x3755; x3800; x3850M2; x3850; x3850 X5; x3950M2

Abstract: This page provides links to documents and tools related to power and cooling.

This page will be updated periodically to include new information and to insure the links work.

*** Guides ***

IBM Flex System & PureFlex Power Requirements Guide

IBM NeXtScale System Power Requirements Guide

IBM x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 System Power Requirements Guide

IBM BladeCenter Power Guide – North America

IBM BladeCenter Power Guide - International

IBM System x PDU Guide – North America

IBM System x PDU Guide – International

IBM System x Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Guide

Installation Manuals For IBM System x Rack, PDU, UPS, and KVM Products

IBM NeXtScale System Networking Installation Resources

Y Line Cord Compatibility Matrix

IBM System x Rack Server Power Cheat Sheet

IBM System x – Rack Cheat Sheet

IBM System x North American PDU Cheat Sheet

IBM System x International PDU Cheat Sheet

Common North American Power Plugs

IBM BladeCenter AC Power Quick Reference – North America

IBM Power Configurator (i.e. Power Calculator)

IBM Flex System Interoperability Guide

IBM Flex System Information Center

IBM BladeCenter Interoperability Guide

IBM BladeCenter Information Center

xREF: IBM x86 Server Reference
    IBM Flex System, IBM BladeCenter and System x

Configuration and Options Guide (COG)
    IBM Flex System, IBM BladeCenter and System x

IBM ToolsCenter

IBM Energy Star Server Reports

IBM's 80 PLUSŪ Certified Power Supplies

Electric Current Abroad – Electric Information by Country

Electric Power - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
    Contains monthly electricity cost by U.S. state.




Planning and Design


Cross-Platform; IBM BladeCenter; IBM System x Family



System x, Flex System Enterprise Chassis, Flex, PureSystems, PureFlex, power, BladeCenter, line cord, cooling, UPS, PDU, Rack

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