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De-mystifying Lock Contention in Oracle's PeopleSoft on DB2 for z/OS

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Howard Wong

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Field Technical Sales Support

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Product(s) covered:

DB2 Universal Database for z/OS; PeopleSoft; zSeries

Abstract: Lock contention problems in PeopleSoft Enterprise continue to be a challenge for some customers. There are numerous parameters and options that affect how locking occurs. This chart set explains everything you need to know to understand how and why you are getting contention. It will cover all the relevant Bind, Zparm, IRLM and DDL options and show you how to solve many typical PeopleSoft locking problems. For further information, please contact

Below are presentation materials delivered on the topic by Howard Wong and Brian Holroyd.

To play back the INTEGRATED CHARTS WITH AUDIO recording, follow the steps below
1. Right-click on the recording file you have just downloaded and choose "Extract All.."
2. Follow the on-screen prompts to extract the zip file
3. Once the zip file has been extracted, open the folder containing the extracted content and double-click the "main.html" file to play back the recording.

PSFT Lock Content Webcast INTEGRATED CHARTS WITH AUDIO 090110.zipPSFT Lock Content Webcast AUDIO ONLY 090110.mp3 PSFT Lock Content CHARTS ONLY 090910.pdf


Hardware; Software


Operational Management


ISV Applications




IBM System z Family

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Information Management



System z, DB2, IBM, PeopleSoft, Enterprise, Oracle, contention, locking, brian holroyd, howard wong

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