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Accelerate with ATS: Easy Tier Webinar

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Dennis Robertson
Brian Sherman, Paulus Usong

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IBM Systems

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Abstract: IBM Easy Tier Enables DS8700 Users to Optimize Use of Solid State Drives

Solid state drives (SSDs) are a hot topic in IT organizations because of their potential to dramatically improve storage performance. An inhibitor to general adoption has been how to effectively and efficiently use SSDs relative to the cost of SSDs vs HDDs. IBM DS8700 users now have the tools in Easy Tier and its associated Storage Tier Advisor Tool to evaluate the benefits, plan for, deploy, and manage on an ongoing basis SSDs in combination with existing HDDs.

This session will focus on the continual workload analysis of the no charge Easy Tier function on the DS8700 along with the Storage Tier Advisor Tool to dynamically manage the appropriate placement of data on SSDs or HDDs based on the actual I/O patterns measured.

DS8700 Easy Tier Webinar June 22 2010 Final.PPT
DS8700 Easy Tier Webinar June 2010 Final.PPT

2010-06-22 11.01 Accelerate with ATS DS8700 Easy Tier.wmv






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