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PowerHA Feature Demonstrations

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Michael E Herrera

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Abstract: The following are demos of common features of PowerHA SystemMirror (HACMP) for AIX.

The following are a series of demos of PowerHA for AIX features. Formerly known as HACMP, and now officially known as PowerHA SystemMIrror Standard Edition. Each demo has an audio version, and a non-audio version for those that want to present it in their own words. Each one starts off with an overview of the feature along with an overview of the demo environment used. In each case this was performed in a mixed Power 7 and Power 6 cluster running SAP. This environment was used for a customer POC we performed.
You will probably want to listen to the Audio version first to get an understanding of the flow of the demo in the non-audio version. While the two are not identical, they are very similar.

Two Node Configuration Assistant

Cluster Test Tool

Automated Recovery Capabilities after an Unplanned Outage (Failover demo w/SAP)

Non Disruptive Upgrade




Installation and Migration




hacmp, powerha, demos, sap, demo, hacmp/es, ndu, assistant, test tool, failover, fallover

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