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QPRCFEAT Information for IBM Power Systems and IBM PureSystems Running IBM i

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Dan Sundt

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 9117-MMA; # 9406-MMA

Abstract: Many IBM i (or i5/OS) Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as part of their application licensing or software key algorithm license their product by IBM machine type/model (MTM), serial number, QMODEL and/or QPRCFEAT IBM i system values.

These two system values change when IBM introduces new hardware or processor features, so customers often ask for the QMODEL and/or QPRCFEAT values for the new system they are getting, either new or performing a MES upgrade to.

The attached documents contain IBM i operating system QMODEL and QPRCFEAT values for all IBM Power Systems models with POWER6/POWER6+ processors (as of May 2010), POWER7/POWER7+ processors (as of August 2013), and POWER8 processors (as of April 2014). Information for the IBM PureSystems/IBM PureFlex Systems family with POWER7/POWER7+ processors is also included.

Some of this information for the POWER6/6+ models is also located in the following two documents:

Appendix I
IBM Power 520 and Power 550 (POWER6) System Builder

Appendix H
IBM Power 570 and IBM Power 595 (POWER6) System Builder






Product Positioning


IBM PureSystems


i5/OS; IBM i; iOS; OS/400


as/400, iseries, system i, os/400, processor, feature, model, 8203, E4A, 8204, E8A, 9117, MMA, MMB, MMC, 8406, 70Y, 71Y, 7891, 73X, 74X, 7895, 22X, 42X, 8231, E2B, E1C, 8202, E4B, E4C, 8231, E4B, E4C, 8205, 6B, E6C, 8233, E8B, 9179, MHB, MHC, 9119, FHB, 520, 550, 560, 570, 595, PS700, PS701, PS702, 750, 755, 770, 780, p6, p6+, p7, POWER6, POWER6+, POWER7, V5R4, V5R4M0, V5R4M5, V6R1, V6R1M0, V6R1M1, V7R1, 5.4, 5.4.5, 6.1, 6.1.1, 7.1, P05, P10, P20, P30, P50

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