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WebSphere on z/OS like Thunder and Lightening it Ain't so Frightening

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Don Bagwell

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: WebSphere Application Server is a key IBM product and many IBMers have experience with using it on Windows and Unix systems. z/OS is an IBM operating system used by many of IBM largest customers. WebSphere administrators who have only worked with WebSphere on Windows and/or Unix often view WebSphere on z/OS as being too different and too hard to learn. This Techdoc aims to allay those concerns and show that administration of WebSphere on z/OS is largely similar to Windows and Unix but also explain the key differences. Additionally this Techdoc will highlight the advantages of running WebSphere on z/OS including features of WebSphere V7 only available on z/OS and the benefits that z/OS operating systems features such as Parallel Sysplex provide.
Presentation by Edward McCarthy, IBM Australia, zSW zWAS & CICS Technical Sales Lead, TechWorks, IBM AP Software Group





Operational Management




WebSphere, z/OS, Application server, distributed, difference, similar, unix

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