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WebSphere for z/OS - Version 7.0 Handouts for WBSR7 Wildfire Workshop

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: The very popular WebSphere Application Server Wildfire Workshop has been updated to Version 7.0, and the workshop course number is now WBSR7.

The attached PDF includes all the handouts, INCLUDING THE HANDS-ON LABS. The topics covered are:

o Overview
o Using the Spreadsheet and WCT to build a Deployment Manager
o Adding a Managed Node, a Server and Clustering
o Accessing Data (JDBC, JCA and Messaging)
o New V7 Functionality -- the "zDiff" Items

The presentation handouts have full speaker notes. The labs are specific to our system environment, but we believe they can be very useful in your environment with only a little substitution of host names and userid values. The value-add of attending the workshop in person is experiencing the back-and-forth between instructors and students, hearing questions and answers, and having a risk-free environment to gain experience configuring and using WebSphere Application Server on z/OS.

The actual workshop is generally scheduled to run once per month in cities around the United States and sometimes elsewhere in the Americas. Check with your IBM Series z marketing representative for the latest schedule. The class is a "by invitation only" no-fee workshop used to help customers make the decision for WebSphere Application Server on z/OS.

WBSR7 - PDFs.zipWBSR7 -

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