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IBM Supported Platforms Summary for Oracle Retail Applications

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Pat Moore
Bill Panagakos

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Solution Developer Marketing

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AIX; Power; Retek

Abstract: Use the following information to research supported IBM platforms for Oracle Retail applications. Note that AIX support for specific Oracle Retail applications and releases is version dependent. Linux on Power and Linux on Z Systems are currently not supported for use with any Oracle Retail application. For help with specific questions about IBM products and Oracle Retail applications please send an email to

To find the very latest IBM platform support information for Oracle Retail components, please refer to Document ID 857142.1 "Oracle Retail Infrastructure Compatibilities / Certification Matrix (With Retail Tech Stack Support Notice)" on Oracle's My Oracle Support website. From that page download the "Oracle Retail Compatibilities spreadsheet" and “Oracle Retail Technology Stack Support Notice”. The information contained in the compatibility spreadsheet is not always reflecting latest software and patch releases. If a version is not listed, it is suggested to check the actual product installation documents which can be found here:
The Installation Guide for each Oracle Retail application provides additional information on the supported platforms.

For reference the following is a list of current Oracle Retail applications for on-premises deployment:

Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization:
Analytic Parameter Calculator for Regular Price Optimization
Assortment Planning
Batch Script Architecture
Category Management Planning and Optimization and Macro Space Optimization
Clearance Optimization Engine
Item Planning
Merchandise Financial Planning
Regular Price Optimization
Retail Predictive Application Server Allocation & Replenishment
Retail Predictive Application Server
Size Profile Optimization

Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management:
Retail Invoice Matching
Retail Merchandising System
Retail Mobile Merchandising
Retail Price Management
Retail Sales Audit
Retail Trade Management

Oracle Retail Supply Chain:
Advanced Inventory Planning
Replenishment Optimization
Retail Demand Forecasting
Warehouse Management System

Oracle Retail Store Operations:
Oracle Commerce Retail Extension Module
Store Inventory Management
Technology Foundation for Store Applications
Xstore Office
Xstore Payment
Xstore Point of Service
Xstore Settlement

Oracle Retail Omnichannel Commerce:
Customer Engagement
Order Broker
Order Management System

Oracle Retail Analytics and Advanced Science:
Retail Insights

Oracle Retail Technology Group:
Retail Integration Suite/Oracle Financials Integration




Planning and Design


ISV Applications




AIX; Linux; Windows


IBM, Oracle, Retek, Retail, supported platforms, Power, systems

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