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SAN Design for IBM i Tape and ProtecTIER

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Mervyn Venter

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IBM Systems

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Product(s) covered:

SAN; Tape Drive; TS7610; TS7650

Abstract: This presentation outlines the rules and best practices for designing a SAN for IBM i Tape and ProtecTIER. It begins with an explanation of how tape libraries auto-configure on IBM I, and then uses diagrams to explain each rule.

Plan to get a coffee prior to reviewing this pitch - it's fairly complicated!

The presentation takes 40-50 minutes without questions. The file is approximately 2 MB. Run the presentation in screenshow mode to see the animation.

This presentation was given at the Edge 2012 conference in Orlando and the 2012 POWER Technical University in Las Vegas.

SE166 - Roper - SAN Design for Tape on IBM i - V4c - compacted.pptSE166 - Roper - SAN Design for Tape on IBM i - V4c - compacted.ppt




Backup and Recovery


Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO)


IBM Power Systems; IBM System i; IBM Storage


i5/OS; IBM i


IBM I, AS/400, iSeries, SAN, Tape, ProtecTIER, Design, auto-config

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