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POWER6 Live Partition Mobility Demo with SAP

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Matthias Koechl
Walter Orb

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Software Sales

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AIX; AIX 5L; POWER6; Proof of Technology (POT); pSeries; SAP

Abstract: A key feature of the new IBM POWER6 based servers is the capability to transfer active applications from one POWER6 server (CEC) to another without stopping those. This self-running executable provides an overview on POWER6 Live Partition Mobility in an SAP context. Its core part is a screencam showing the seamless LPAR migration of a heavily loaded SAP ECC 6.0 system from a 4way POWER6 p570 to an 8way POWER6 p570 in real time. The total length of the video is about 10 minutes, the migration itself takes about 4 minutes to complete. Please unmute your speakers in order to listen to the detailed explanations along the video.

The EXE-file is the Flash-Version and runs within a web browser. It allows for comfortable navigation within the video using chapters on a sidebar.


Attention to Firefox users when using above Flash version:
Please note that there seems to be a bug with Firefox and the Macromedia Flash Player, which prevents the loading of this file if you already have an open browser window (you get an error message that you should enable Java script and update to the latest flash version). The workaround is to close your browser first before you click start the exe file, then it should load fine. Internet Explorer seems to be fine and doesn't show this problem.

The WMV-file runs in any media-player supporting this format. Navigation only by native player controls, but allows for fullscreen replay with a reasonable display quality.




Operational Management


Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); SOA Infrastructure




IBM System p Family




POWER6, LPM, Live, Partition, Mobility, Migration, AIX, LoP, Hypervisor, APV, SAP, LPAR

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