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Communication Controller for Linux on System z9 (CCL) Quick Sizer

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Linda Harrison
Linda Harrison

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Communication Controller for Linux on zSeries; IBM System z

Abstract: Communication Controller for Linux is a 3745/6 software emulator that runs under Linux on System z, on zSeries, and on the G5/G6 platforms. There is a capacity planning document available on the CCL website ( that can be used for detailed sizing of CCL requirements. This "Quick Sizer" document presents a quick methodology based on that document to obtain a quick -- but rough -- estimate of the number of IFLs or CPs required to support a CCL implementation. The "Quick Sizer" is intended for initial planning and marketing purposes. However, once CCL has been accepted as the viable solution at a site desiring to remove dependency on the 3745/6 but preserve the NCP subarea topology, a more accurate sizing should be pursued using the sizing whitepaper from the aforementioned CCL website.





Planning and Design


Business Integration


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software; Rational



CCL, 3745, 3746, NCP, FEP, Linux, zLinux, Communication Controller for Linux on System z9

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