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Enterprise Extender Basics: An Introduction to Architecture and to Coding

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Linda Harrison

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Abstract: In recent years the explosive growth of the internet has motivated customers to consolidate their SNA and IP networks to achieve cost and administrative savings, begging the question as to how to support both SNA and IP users and applications over a single network protocol: IP.

Enterprise Extender is one response to this question. But here you are, with your head still swirling about other z/OS and network design topics. And everyone is talking about Enterprise Extender: EE in z/OS, EE in Communications Server for Linux, EE in Cisco. If you feel like an idiot, don't despair. This session enlightens you so that you don't have to day-dream in those planning sessions anymore, and you'll leave this session feeling like an Einstein (maybe a "Baby Einstein")!

The Statement of Direction for a 3745 subset replacement running on LINUX on zSeries, "Communication Controller for LINUX," released in March of 2005, is not covered here.

This session focuses on the Enterprise Extender solution as implemented in z/OS.



Software; Solutions


Planning and Design


Business Integration


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




EE, Enterprise Extender, SNA, SNI, APPN

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