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Managing Enterprise Extender in z/OS: A Survival Guide (Part 1 of 2)

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Linda Harrison

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Abstract: In recent years the explosive growth of the internet has motivated customers to consolidate their SNA and IP networks to achieve cost and administrative savings, begging the question as to how to support both SNA and IP users and applications over a single network protocol: IP. The implementation of Enterprise Extender (EE) has become the strategic response to this question.

There are many sessions that explain the implementation of EE. This particular set of sessions focuses on how to MANAGE Enterprise Extender, using working examples from the z/OS and Cisco platforms. Part 1 (of 2) begins with a very brief introduction to Enterprise Extender but quickly turns to practical examples of how to understand what is happening with your EE environment using some simple tools available to us today. You will hear some design and coding tips for EE; and then you will be exposed to basic commands and displays from SNA and from TCP/IP that shed light on what is really occurring in your Enterprise Extender network. Part 2 continues with the examination of displays that show how to understand path topology with EE, performance situations with EE, and how to simplify configuration in order to avoid typical problems with performance and operation.

Displays from Tivoli NetView NLDM, from the Cisco SNASWITCH vantage-point and from IBM's Personal Communications (PCOMM) will round out the management views.



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IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




EE, Enterprise Extender, z/OS, SNASwitch

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