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Getting Started with zPCR (IBM's Processor Capacity Reference)

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John Campbell
Kathy Walsh, John Fitch

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z14; z/OS; z/VM; z/VSE

Abstract: This is the Getting Started page for those interested in using IBM's Processor Capacity Reference (zPCR) to capacity plan for IBM Z and LinuxONE processors. It includes links for accessing related educational materials and downloading the tool itself.

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Note: If your currently installed zPCR version is older than C9.0, it MUST be uninstalled prior to installing zPCR C9.4a (package includes Java). This is necessary to facilitate conversion to the new IBM Java v8 64-bit runtime environment that is required for zPCR.

To review the zPCR C9.4a NEWS file, click on What's New below.

This section provides download links for zPCR, documentation, and installation instructions.

Note: The currently supported IBM Java runtime environment must be installed in order to use zPCR. It is automatically installed with the zPCR including IBM Java Runtime package.

zPCR Package Currency
Version C9.4a
IBM Java version Java 2 v8 64-bit (SR5 FP20)
OS Win 10/8/7 64-bit
Change date July 17, 2020
zPCR including IBM Java Runtime
Filename zPCRInstallWithJava.exe
Size 181 MB
zPCR Documentation (PDF) CP3KEXTR (z/OS) for zPCR
Access CP3KEXTR Materials
CP3KVMXT (z/VM) for zPCR
Access CP3KVMXT Materials
Installing zPCR

All users must install the zPCR including IBM Java Runtime package. The zPCR onlypackage is no longer supported.

After downloading, execute the EXE file from Windows Explorer, or with RUN under the Windows START button and respond to the InstallShield prompts.

Note: zPCR may be installed to a Standard Windows ID. It must be run from the ID to which it was installed.


CP3KEXTRruns on an IBM Z processor under z/OS. It reads SMF records to produce an Enterprise Data File (EDF). A single EDF can be used to generate the entire LPAR configuration in zPCRor to copy individual partitions into an already defined LPAR configuration.


CP3KVMXT runs on an IBM Z processor under z/VM. It reads CP Monitor data and generates an Enterprise Data File (EDF) of system and workload related metrics for input into zPCR. It can be used to model interactive z/VM workloads or z/VM guest operating systems such as Linux.




Planning and Design




Linux; z/VM; z/OS; z/VSE


IBM z Systems, IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE, zPCR, PCR

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