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WebSphere for z/OS Version 6 - Configuration Planning Spreadsheet

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Don Bagwell
John Cowel

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Abstract: Anyone who has tried to configure a WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 6 runtime environment knows that one thing just can't be avoided -- the planning of short names, long names, JCL proc names, IDs, UIDs, GIDs and ports. Unless you do some up-front planning of all those things, you'll quickly get lost in the configuration panels. What this spreadsheet does is take the work out of doing that. By capturing a few key variables, this spreadsheet does all the rest -- it calculates and allocates TCP ports, UID and GID values; it constructs names based on root character strings ... in short, it makes things a whole lot easier.

The spreadsheet is divided into separate "worksheets" within the file -- one for the Deployment Manager, one for a Standalone Server, etc. Read the instructions on the first worksheet tab to understand how it is works. Then fill in the variables on the second worksheet tab. The values are then rippled through to the other worksheets to create the variables.

Multiple copies of the spreadsheet are offered here. We have it divided into two major categories: ISPF customization and zPMT customization. Then within each sub-divide based on the level of WebSphere Application Server or, in the case of the zPMT versions, the level of the AST in which the zPMT is provided. (Information on what the zPMT tool is and how it's used can be found in Techdoc WP100871.)

(The zPMT spreadsheet is new. We're interested in hearing about problems or issues with the spreadsheet when used with the zPMT. Please forward comments to John Cowel at or Don Bagwell at

ISPF Panels
Version of WebSphere
PRS1331 - V602 - WebSphere V6 Configuration.xls
PRS1331 - ISPF WebSphere V6.1 Configuration.xls

zPMT Tool inside Application Server Toolkit (AST)
(WebSphere Application Server V6.1 or higher ... does not apply to earlier versions of WebSphere)
Version of AST
AST 6.1.1 or above
PRS1331 - zPMT in AST 6.1.1 WebSphere V6.1 Configuration.xls




Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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Information Management; WebSphere




WebSphere, Spreadsheet, Excel, Naming, Ports

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