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Filemon processing tools for DS, ESS, and Symmetrix

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mark gordon

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BI/ERP Solutions Center

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Product(s) covered:

AIX; AIX 5L; DS6000; DS8000; ESS

Abstract: is a perl script that merges filemon reports with disk configuration information, to create a .csv file which is used in Microsoft Excel to summarize I/O performance statistics. The .csv file is used with Microsoft Excel to group and report I/O activity in ways that are not available in filemon, such as grouping at the ESS, adapter, disk array (e.g. ESS RANK), LSS, LUN, or VG level, and sorting by transfer rate, I/O activity rate, or I/O elapsed time. The perl script in this package is called by to generate configuration information.

The scripts have been tested with
1) ESS disk configured with MPIO multipathing under AIX 5.3.,
2) ESS with SDD multipathing under AIX 5.3,
3) ESS configured without multipathing, and
4) SCSI disk, and
5) EMC Symmetrix Raid1 with AIX 5.2 (new in V3).
6) DS6K with MPIO under AIX 5.3 (new in V4).

This tool replaces PRS1134, the "Filemon processing tool for ESS and SDD".

V2 (for configurations 1-4 above), V3 (for configurations 1-5), and V4 (configurations 1-6) can be downloaded from here.






IBM System p Family




DS6K, DS8K, ESS, MPIO, filemon, SCSI, EMC

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