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FAQ: Can I use AIX Express Edition with PowerHA SystemMirror?

Answer to this FAQ:

Short Answer: Yes.
Long answer:

I've had this come up a few times recently and it is unnecessarily confusing for sure. We have a public IBM website ( that says:

AIX 7 Express Edition: The AIX 7 Express Edition provides the almost the same functional capabilities of AIX Standard, at a lower price. The vertical scalability of AIX Express Edition is limited to a maximum of 4 cores and 8 GB of memory per core in a single partition. AIX Express Edition does not include the Cluster Aware AIX capability of AIX 7 Standard or Enterprise Editions, AIX Express Edition also does not include the AIX Profile Manager plug-in to IBM Systems Director but AIX Express Edition can be managed by the AIX Profile Manager. Clients can configure the system with multiple partitions running AIX Express Edition, but each partition is limited to a maximum of 4 cores and a total of 32 GB of memory per partition. AIX Express Edition is primarily intended for clients who do not need the extreme levels of vertical scalability of AIX Standard or Enterprise Editions particularly when consolidating a number of smaller workloads onto a larger server. AIX Express Edition is also suitable for clients with small workloads on platforms such as entry or Blade servers.

The primary confusion is, this leads us to believe CAA is not in Express edition. The key is "capability". It (bos.cluster) is in express edition, it just can't be used manually to create a CAA cluster without PowerHA.




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