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Application Server Licenses on i5/OS Frequently Asked Question

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FAQ: Questions Regarding Application Server Licenses on i5/OS

Answer to this FAQ:

Christopher Wilk from IBM's Software Management Services, has provided in depth answers to questions regarding Application Server Licenses.

1. Exactly what does the API do besides add the 5053 feature to the partition? Is there any danger or risk to the integrity of the partition or the system by running it?
There is absolutely no risk in running the Set Application Server Support (QLZASPAS) API. The only thing it does is enabled the SS1 5053 feature code. It does not adjust any system values, nor does it do anything with the partition's processor configuration. Once the feature is enabled the 5053 key can be installed and the 5053 feature code will show up on the Work with License Information (WRKLICINF) panels.

2. Do we need to run the API on just the partition using the Application Server licenses or does it need to be ran on all partitions on the system?

The QLZASPAS API only needs to be run on the partitions that are going to be used as IBM i Application Servers. Running the API on all of the partitions will lead to out of compliance messages.

5722-SS1 feature 5051

This processor entitlement key indicates the total number of i5/OS processors across a system. You enter this 5051 processor entitlement key in each partition on the system. The value that you enter is compared to the 5051 key quantity to determine license compliance.
The 5051 key quantity is the total quantity of i5/OS processor entitlements plus i5/OS Application Server processor entitlements.

The best documentation for this support is in the IBM i Information Center, in the link:

There is no separate manual. The red sentence is basically saying that the entitlement needed for the 5051 license key is equal to all the processor cores that are used by IBM i partitions. That includes the processor cores that are being used by the IBM i Application Server partitions.




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