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Which TS7700 Virtualization Engine functions became available in which Code Releases and which LM code is co-reqed? Frequently Asked Question

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Lawrence Fuss
Jim Fisher

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IBM Systems

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# 3956; # 3957; # 3957-V06; Virtualization Engine; Virtualization Engine TS7700

FAQ: Which TS7700 Virtualization Engine functions became available in which Code Releases and which LM code is co-reqed?

Answer to this FAQ:

Answer to this FAQ:
R1.0 09/29/2006
2-way grid
3584 attach
16 3592 J1A drives

R1.1 01/26/2007

Autonomic Ownership Takeover
3592 E05 native support, JB Media
2-drawer disk cache
Cache increments 2-6
Shortwave fiber grid
256 virtual devices

R1.2 03/09/2007

Tape drive encryption support
Broadband call home

R1.3 08/31/2007

3-way grid
Host console query
Copy export (standalone)
1M logical volumes
Performance increment feature/MES
Cache increment MES
Secure data erase
Ficon conversions
Fiber Grid
Cache drawer MES

R1.4 11/23/2007

Copy export (grid)
1-drawer cache

R1.5 12/05/2008

ELC Convergence
3956 CC7 and CS7
TS7740 double cache size
TS1130 support
TS3500 HD support
TS7720 introduced
4->6 drawer MES for CX6

R1.6 12/04/2009

4-way grid
Hybrid configurations
Logical WORM
Network load balancing
3494 by RPQ only

R1.7 06/04/2010

3956 CC8 and CS8
Expansion frame
Single-drawer increments
Selective Write Protect
Additional Memory FC
N-1 Grid support
6000MB logical volumes (RPQ 8B3580)

R2.0 6/3/2011

New P7 Server: 3957 V07 and 3957 VEB
Support Upgrade V06 to V07, VEA to VEB
2x10Gb LW Optical Grid Ports (V07, VEB - feature)
4x1Gb Grid Ports (SW optical or Copper) (V07, VEB - feature)
Up to 2 million logical volumes (all – feature -replaces RPQ on V06/VEA)
8 Gb Fibre Channel Tape Backend (V07 - standard)
5-way and 6-way grids (by RPQ to limit configurations)
New ethernet switches (EOL replacement) (V07, VEB)
Scratch Allocation Assist (All - standard)
TS1140 Support (No JA/JJ cartridges) (PGA1 9/9/11)

R2.1 EC 12/19/2011 BIP 2/24/2011

Sync Mode Copy
Remote Mount IP Link Failover
Grid Merge – Join two existing grids into a single grid
Copy Export Merge for Workload Moves
Preferred Migration of Scratch Volumes
Jag4 – MES and Migration – JA/JJ read support
Parallel Copies and pre-Migrations during Mounts for Read
Copy Export Acceleration

R3.0 12/7/2012

CC9/CX9 and CS9/XS9 based Tape Volume Cache
Encryption for Data at Rest (Full Disk Encryption – FDE)
Unified GUI for Management Interface
Four Million Logical Volumes
Support for Native LDAP
Limited IPv6 support

R3.1 12/6/2013

This code level requires the Power7 processor (V07/VEB)
Second CS9/XS9 based expansion frame (1PB before compression)
8Gb FICON Adapters
Two or Four Cards
Two, Four, or Eight ports
512 paths per port
Flash Copy for DR Testing
Time Delayed Replication

R3.2 12/5/2014

This code level requires the Power7 processor (V07/VEB)
Physical tape attachment to TS7720 (feature code)

1 TB increments for TS7720 data pending premigration to tape (feature code)
Support for up to 8 disk cache partitions in a tape attached TS7720
25 GB logical volume size is standard (replaces previous RPQ)
Up to 496 logical devices (feature code - with RPQ corequisite)




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7700, 7720, 7740, TS7700, TS7720, TS7740, Virtualization Engine, V07, VEB, V06, VEA

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