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What are the power requirements for the p5-550? Frequently Asked Question

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FAQ: What are the power requirements for the System p 550?

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The power requirements for the p5-550 are as follows:
1-to 2-way: 100 to 127 or 200 to 240 V AC (auto-ranging)
4-way: 200 to 240 V AC

Please note that when upgrading a 2-way system to a 4-way system, the p5-550 must have 200-240 V. This should not present any issues when the p5-550s are installed in IBM racks. However, this needs to be taken into account particularly with deskside systems. If a customer purchases a 2-way system with plans to upgrade to a 4-way system, 220V power should be configured and supplied so that it will not need to be changed when the processor upgrade occurs.




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