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FAQ: What rack mounting options are available for installing an external SCSI device, i.e. 7205-331 or 7208-345, into a standard IBM 19" rack when attached to a System p system?

Answer to this FAQ:

The Rack-Mount Kit, which is provided as feature code = 8723 of the external SCSI device, provides an 18-inch x 26-inch rectangular steel sheet and mounting hardware for installation into a standard IBM 19" rack. When placed vertically, up to four storage devices can be placed on the steel sheet. (The supported devices are listed in the announcement letter.) Products weighing more than 39.7 pounds (18 kg) are not approved. The total weight of devices on the rack-mount shelf must not exceed 100 pounds (45.4 kg).

In addition, single or bifurcated power cords, capable of powering the specified devices via the power distribution units (PDUs) in the rack, can be ordered as feature codes of the devices. The single power cord provides power to one device, while the bifurcated power cord can provide power to two devices. The bifurcated cord plugs into the PDU at one end and splits into a 'Y' shape to plug into two separate devices at the other end.

RackMountKit.pdfAnnouncement letter for Rack Mount Kit

RackMountPowerCords.pdfAnnouncement letter for Rack Power Cords




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