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RS/6000 Frequently Asked Question

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RS/6000; serial cable; serial cable

FAQ: What is the difference between the pSeries/RS6000 serial cables, fc=3124, 3125, and what type of connectors do these cables have?

Answer to this FAQ:

Serial cables 3124 and 3125 are often used to provide the heartbeat between two pSeries/RS6000s when in an HACMP environment.

Feature code 3124, Serial to Serial Port Cable for Drawer/Drawer, provides a 3.7m null-modem connection between serial ports (either integrated or provided via an async adapter) on two systems.

Feature code 3125, Serial to Serial Port Cable for Rack/Rack, is the same as feature code 3124, however it is
8m in length.

Hence, 3124 is often used between two rack-mounted systems housed in the same rack whereas 3125 may be used when the two systems are housed in different racks or not rack-mountable.

Both cables provide a DB25 female connector at each end. Please note that when attaching to an integrated 9pin serial port, you must provide a 9pin to 25pin serial converter, feature code = 3925, part number=40H6328.




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