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SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval and Shopz download servers will change hostname and public internet IP addresses

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Riaz Ahmad
Lucy Miller

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ShopzSeries; SMP/E; z/OS; z/OS Firewall Technologies

Abstract: Public internet IP address and hostname changes will take place on August 26, 2012 which may affect downloads of z/OS products and service through Shopz and service through SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval. Customer action may be required to ensure uninterrupted downloads of products and service.

In support of IBM network infrastructure improvements, on August 26, 2012, public internet IP addresses and hostnames will be changing for the IBM download servers which support download processing of z/OS product and service orders from Shopz and service orders from SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval (the SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER command). The hostnames and IP addresses for these servers will change so any applications using the hostnames and particularly IP address will need to be updated. Moreover, firewall rules may need to be updated to permit access even though the applications use a hostname.

It is recommended firewall rule changes be made as soon as possible. Do not remove the old hostnames and IP addresses because they are still used for other delivery functions, the new hostnames and IP addresses should be added.

Cases where an IP address is necessary instead of a hostname in a specific application must be coordinated with the scheduled IP change date.

Currently scheduled to change on
August 26, 2012 are servers supporting Shopz z/OS functions and SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval. Orders fulfilled after August 26, 2012 will be hosted on the new servers. Orders fulfilled prior to August 26, 2012, will remain on the current servers.
FunctionsLocationOld HostnameOld IP
Shopz and SMP/
Shopz and SMP/
FunctionsLocationNEW HostnameNEW IP
Shopz and SMP/E
Shopz and SMP/




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IBM System z Software




SMP/E, Internet, Shopz, ShopzSeries

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