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IBM HACMP/XD supports the IBM System Storage SVC Storage Software

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Michael E Herrera

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Advanced Technical Sales

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HACMP/ES; SAN Volume Controller

Abstract: This document provides the detailed software levels needed to support SVC 4.2 Storage Software. This applies to both base HACMP and HACMP/XD.

IBM HACMP/XD supports the IBM System Storage SVC Storage Software

September 5, 2007

IBM High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP*) Extended Distance (XD) for AIX 5L*, V5.3 and V5.4 updates support for the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Storage Software V4.2.

Please refer to the following information for support details.
Note: TL = Technology Level; CSP = Concluding Service Pack

1Minimum Levels
+ These APARs are not yet generally available. Please contact IBM Support to obtain Ifix packages for these APARs.
++ These APARs will not be made generally available for AIX 5.2 TL 9 and AIX 5.3 TL 5. Please contact IBM Support to obtain Ifix packages for these APARs.

While not required for correct operation with SDDPCM, the configuration of Fast I/O Failure on fibre-channel devices is highly recommended. For information on configuring this feature refer to "StorageMultipath Subsystem Device Driver User’s Guide " at page 143

Additional requirement:
The AIX OS error daemon parameters should be tuned to avoid lost log entries (See documentation APAR IY75323 at ). HACMP requires the buffer size be set to at least 1 MB and the log size to 10 MB. The following command can be used:
"errdemon -B 1048576 -s 10485760"

Restriction notes for Metro Mirror:
  • An HACMP/XD and SVC Metro Mirror configuration with VIO is not currently supported.
  • Although SVC Host Name Aliases are arbitrary, for HACMP's support of Metro Mirror they must match the node names used in the defined HACMP sites.
  • Resource Groups to be managed by HACMP cannot contain volume groups with both Metro Mirror-protected and non-Metro Mirror-protected disks.
  • HACMP does not support Global Mirror functions of SVC Copy Services. (support added in PowerHA/XD v5.5)
  • HACMP V5.3 does not support moving resource groups across sites.
  • For specific HACMP C-SPOC restrictions, refer to the "HACMP/XD for Metro Mirror: Planning and Administration Guide", page 73
  • SDDPCM requires the configuration of Enhanced Concurrent Mode volume groups.

Other notes:
  • SDD supports both Shared or Enhanced Concurrent Mode volume groups.

Request APARs from the IBM Electronic Fix Distribution site at:

For questions or concerns, please send a note to HA Feedback at:
HA Solutions Feedback/Poughkeepsie/IBM or

* Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
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