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FICONWP101812IBM System z®: SAP® Bank Analyzer 7.0 Tests03/26/2014Veng Ly
FICONWP101978IBM System zEnterprise, System Storage, and DB2 10 for z/OS: SAP Banking Services 7.0 150 Million Accounts Measurements03/24/2014Rose Manz
FileNet P8 PlatformWP102329Linux on System z and IBM FileNet P8 5.1 Setup, Performance, and Scalability08/29/2013Juergen Doelle
FlashCopyWP100600How to Shrink your iSeries Backup Window - a Step by Step Guide08/24/2006Nancy Roper
FlashCopyWP100677Invincible Supply Chain - SAP APO Hot Standby liveCache on IBM Power Systems11/01/2013Katharina Probst
FlashCopyWP101627Quick-start guide to FlashCopy Manager for SAP with IBM Storwize V7000, IBM SAN Volume Controller or IBM DS8000 Storage System12/13/2012Wilhelm Gardt1
FlashCopyWP101703Quick Start Guide to FlashCopy Manager for SAP® on IBM DB2® or Oracle® Database with IBM XIV® Storage System12/17/2010Axel Westphal
FlashCopyWP101764IBM® Storwize® V7000 with Tivoli FlashCopy Manager: Backup Solution for Exchange 201003/08/2013Mark S Fleming
FlashCopyWP102196Best Practices for Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager in a SVC Metro Mirror environment01/08/2013Wilhelm Gardt1
FlashCopyWP102328Protecting Exchange 2013 with TSM FlashCopy Manager 3.2.1 on IBM Storwize family products and SVC08/27/2013David West
FlashSystem 900WP102515SAS business analytics deployment on IBM POWER8 processor-based systems with IBM XIV and IBM FlashSystem04/24/2015Narayana Pattipati
FlashSystemWP102335Performance benefits of IBM Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne09/12/2013Pat Moore
FlashSystemWP102368Performance benefits of IBM Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem for Oracle E-Business Suite11/14/2013Pat Moore
FlashSystemWP102486Using IBM® FlashSystem V840 with the VMware® vStorage APIs for Array Integration10/27/2014Rawley Burbridge
FlashSystemWP102489Unerstanding Sustainable Performance in Flash Technology11/10/2014Ron Herrmann
FlashSystemWP102490Using IBM® FlashSystem V840 to virtualize existing storage11/03/2014Rawley Burbridge
FlashSystemWP102506FlashSystem: Ideal Storage for IBM Power Systems12/29/2014Brian Twichell
FlashSystemWP102515SAS business analytics deployment on IBM POWER8 processor-based systems with IBM XIV and IBM FlashSystem04/24/2015Narayana Pattipati
FlashSystemWP102559Introducing the IBM Storage Integration Server08/27/2015David West
FlashSystemWP102564Deploying IBM FlashSystem in VMware ESXi environments08/27/2015David West
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