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AIX 5LWP100556Oracle 9i & 10gR1 on IBM AIX5L: Tips & Considerations06/05/2012Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIX 5LWP100827Improving I/O performance on IBM eServer pSeries servers12/15/2006Ravi Singh
AIX 5LWP100977Siebel Business Analytics Platform on AIX 5.3 server Installation Guide02/21/2007Christophe Menichetti1
AIX 5LWP100982Clustering Siebel Analytics Platform servers on AIX 5.3 servers03/09/2007Christophe Menichetti1
AIX 5LWP101007Server Virtualization and Consolidation - A case study04/23/2007Ravi Singh
AIX 5LWP101066IBM System Storage DS4700 disk architecture for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on IBM System p07/13/2012Pat Moore
AIX 5LWP101089Oracle DB & RAC 10gR2 on IBM AIX : Tips and Considerations06/05/2012Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIX 5LWP101176Oracle DB & RAC 11gR2 on IBM AIX : Tips and Considerations03/11/2014Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIX 5LWP101207Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition on AIX server Install Guide02/04/2008Christophe Menichetti1
AIX 5LWP101313Deploying Oracle RAC 10g with ASM on AIX using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller03/31/2010Ramapriya Krishnamurthy
AIX 5LWP101543IBM JVM 1.4.2 64-bit in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java Environments03/16/2011Christoph Langer
AIX 5LWP101720Diagnosing Oracle® Database Performance on AIX® Using IBM® NMON and Oracle Statspack Reports07/19/2010Rebecca Ballough
AIX 5LWP101723Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition using Snapshot Standby Database on IBM Power Systems running AIX and IBM System Storage DS480011/30/2010Francisco Riccio
AIXWP100377Tuning SAP with Oracle on IBM AIX05/05/2013Mark Gordon
AIXWP100677Invincible Supply Chain - SAP APO Hot Standby liveCache on IBM Power Systems11/01/2013Katharina Probst
AIXWP100827Improving I/O performance on IBM eServer pSeries servers12/15/2006Ravi Singh
AIXWP100883Oracle Architecture and Tuning on AIX v2.3010/12/2012Damir Rubic
AIXWP101007Server Virtualization and Consolidation - A case study04/23/2007Ravi Singh
AIXWP101066IBM System Storage DS4700 disk architecture for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on IBM System p07/13/2012Pat Moore
AIXWP101168Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Installation and Tips for IBM AIX04/12/2013Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIXWP101176Oracle DB & RAC 11gR2 on IBM AIX : Tips and Considerations03/11/2014Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIXWP101313Deploying Oracle RAC 10g with ASM on AIX using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller03/31/2010Ramapriya Krishnamurthy
AIXWP101429Optimizing SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) for IBM AIX08/20/2013Peter H Barnett
AIXWP101440SAP Business Intelligence 7.0 Initial Customization Process02/28/2009Damir Rubic
AIXWP101455WebSphere Application Server 7.0 AIX Migration04/29/2009Richard A Jacks
AIXWP101541Include VIOS Partitions into SAP Performance Monitoring07/01/2011Katharina Probst
AIXWP101568Using Tivoli SA MP for SAP ASCS High Availability10/12/2009Mark Gordon
AIXWP101627Quick-start guide to FlashCopy Manager for SAP with IBM Storwize V7000, IBM SAN Volume Controller or IBM DS8000 Storage System12/13/2012Wilhelm Gardt1
AIXWP101633POWER7 - AIX 6.1 Active Memory Expansion02/10/2010Eric Hess
AIXWP101703Quick Start Guide to FlashCopy Manager for SAP® on IBM DB2® or Oracle® Database with IBM XIV® Storage System12/17/2010Axel Westphal
AIXWP101720Diagnosing Oracle® Database Performance on AIX® Using IBM® NMON and Oracle Statspack Reports07/19/2010Rebecca Ballough
AIXWP101753Oracle DB & RAC 11gR1 on IBM AIX : Tips and Considerations06/07/2012Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIXWP101878IBM Support for customers using Oracle Solutions07/13/2012Moshe Reder
AIXWP101890IBM System z: SAP for Insurance Tests03/27/2014Paul DeLessio
AIXWP101917Live Partition Migration of SAP Systems Under Load04/27/2011Walter Orb
AIXWP101942Hints and Tips on migrating Oracle EBS 11.5.10 and Discoverer 10g from Linux 4 to AIX 6.107/29/2011Pat Moore
AIXWP101961IBM® System Storage™ DS8700™ and DS8800™ Performance with Easy Tier® 2nd Generation07/29/2011Yan Xu
AIXWP102001Configuration considerations for Oracle use on AIX (with HAIP)09/04/2012Dennis Massanari
AIXWP102007Oracle Fusion Applications is available on IBM AIX07/13/2012Moshe Reder
AIXWP102016Oracle Database available on AIX06/05/2012Moshe Reder
AIXWP102024IBM® System Storage™ DS8800™ and DS8700™ Performance with Easy Tier® 3rd Generation12/02/2011Yan Xu
AIXWP102036High Available Core SAP System with IBM DB2 HADR and Tivoli SA MP12/27/2011Elke Hartmann-Bakan
AIXWP102042Oracle DB 11gR2RAC One Node on IBM Power Systems with AIX 6.106/05/2012Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIXWP102045Running SAP NetWeaver® BPM on IBM POWER7® for High Volume Human Centric Scenarios12/27/2011Walter Orb
AIXWP102066Oracle’s USLA HEAP patches available on AIX11/12/2014Moshe Reder
AIXWP102067Oracle WebLogic 12c available on AIX06/13/2012Moshe Reder
AIXWP102068Experience with Implementing Oracle Extended RAC on IBM AIX06/04/2012Francisco Riccio
AIXWP102085Oracle Database Online Patching on AIX06/13/2012Moshe Reder
AIXWP102105Migrating SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise to IBM Power Systems12/20/2013Peter H Barnett
AIXWP102124Oracle DB 11gR2 and RAC on IBM Flex System p460 Compute Nodes with PowerVM and IBM Storwize V7000 Storage System09/24/2013Ravisankar Shanmugam
AIXWP102126Oracle Fusion Applications is available on AIX 7.1 !06/04/2012Moshe Reder
AIXWP102142Best Practices when exploiting DLPAR with Oracle on large AIX Logical Partitions07/16/2014Moshe Reder
AIXWP102144Best Practices when adding NTP leap second with Oracle Database and AIX07/08/2012Moshe Reder
AIXWP102152IBM AIX with Oracle Database performance: a beginner’s guide07/20/2012Francisco Riccio
AIXWP102155Implementing and Using SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management on IBM Power Systems and IBM Flex System POWER Nodes12/17/2013Walter Orb
AIXWP102158Managing AIX Devices used by Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM)08/07/2012Dennis Massanari
AIXWP102171IBM POWER7 AIX and Oracle Database Performance Considerations03/17/2015Wolfgang Tertel
AIXWP102173IBM AIX performance and tuning tips for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne web server08/28/2012Pat Moore
AIXWP102192SAS 9.3 grid deployment on IBM Power servers with IBM XIV Storage System and IBM GPFS11/05/2012Narayana Pattipati
AIXWP102196Best Practices for Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager in a SVC Metro Mirror environment01/08/2013Wilhelm Gardt1
AIXWP102206IBM Enterprise System: SAP Bank Analyzer 8.0 AFI Loan Tests03/26/2014Veng Ly
AIXWP102227High Availability Solution Design for SAP11/19/2012Edmund Haefele
AIXWP102228SAP on Power Systems Best Practices Guide11/23/2012Walter Orb
AIXWP102244SAS deployment on IBM Power servers with IBM PowerVM dedicated-donating LPARs02/04/2013Narayana Pattipati
AIXWP102265Workload Management in an Oracle consolidated environment04/04/2013Surya Rao
AIXWP102266IBM PureFlex Server for Consolidation of Oracle Workloads04/05/2013Moshe Reder
AIXWP102304Running Oracle DB 10gR2 and 11gR2 with IBM POWER/AIX 7.1 WPARs08/20/2013Biju Scaria1
AIXWP102370Comparison of SAP Application Performance on Centralized versus Distributed Server Topologies11/18/2013Matthias Koechl
AIXWP102373Implementing AIX and PowerVM technologies with Oracle Retail Predictive Analysis Server11/19/2013Jubal Kohlmeier
AIXWP102395Oracle 11gR2 ASM on AIX Configuration & Implementation Considerations12/19/2013Rebecca Ballough
AIXWP102413JDA Demand, JDA Fulfillment, and IBM Storwize family01/28/2014Brian Porter
AIXWP102414IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager best practices in an IBM DB2 HADR environment04/02/2014Wilhelm Gardt1
AIXWP102438SAP Business Suite running on Linux on Power with an AIX hosted Oracle DB-Server07/31/2014Matthias Koechl
AIXWP102445IBM Flex System connection to a stretched SAN Volume Controller cluster05/06/2014Wilhelm Gardt1
AIXWP102457Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.3 Installation - Installation hints and tips for IBM AIX 7.1 TL306/09/2014Neil Bryan
AIXWP102460SAP infrastructure management with PowerVC06/26/2014Matthias Koechl
AIXWP102488Best Practices for Performance, IBM SVC Zoning - Best Practices 10110/27/2014Donald C Laing
AIXWP102506FlashSystem: Ideal Storage for IBM Power Systems12/29/2014Brian Twichell
All ProductsWP100678Diagnosing Performance Problems with WebSphere Application Server on z/OS12/08/2005Michael Everett
All ProductsWP101112Why leverage Service delivery Platform (SDP)10/08/2007Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101113Why IMS is important to service carries10/08/2007Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101260Open Source Policy Model - This is an example to develop an enterprise policy around Open Source06/06/2008Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101475The Next Generation Service Provider05/17/2009Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101507Performance of an Oracle 10g R2 Database Import Environment06/30/2009Juergen Doelle
All ProductsWP101554Clarify what ATCA is and where we fit09/25/2009Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101651How can we get started with Analytics03/22/2010Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101827Hosting IBM Product InfoCenters on z/OS12/27/2010Don Bagwell
All ProductsWP101839BAO and IMF the Next Generation business enablers01/19/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101843Elevator Statement: Business Intelligence for the Competitive Company01/19/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101851Total Cost of Acquisition (TCA) of Open Source and the need to build a policy02/08/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101867An overview of data governance (Elevator level information)02/23/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101903Dashboards Scorecards and Key Indicators04/13/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101962Information Analysis and Platforms selection07/22/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101975Integrated Master Data Management a focus on the total Business09/08/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP101996Mobile Service providers move to an end-to-end LTE need Analytics10/13/2011Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP102107Why Analytics - Analytics collectively is the combination of various capabilities that integrate multiple data sources for statistical, mathematical, and other algorithmic analyses.04/15/2012Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP102154The value of the Advanced Analytics Framework07/20/2012Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP102279Big Data Introduction on the why and what does it mean for sales and marketing teams05/13/2013Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP102381Analytics, IBM, and Open Source12/05/2013Chuck Gray
All ProductsWP102459The Power to enable Big SQL on Power06/18/2014Chuck Gray
AS/400WP100600How to Shrink your iSeries Backup Window - a Step by Step Guide08/24/2006Nancy Roper
AS/400WP100800COMMON Connect Magazine Article: IBM System i Parallel Save and Restore08/14/2006Nancy Roper
AS/400WP100801IBM eServer System i Magazine Article: V5R4 Introduces Virtual Tape and its Many Backup Benefits08/08/2007Nancy Roper
AS/400WP101099IBM System i & System Storage DS8000 Recovery Handbook09/05/2007Ingo Dimmer
AS/400WP101193TSM on System i - Information and Considerations12/31/2007Nancy Roper
AS/400WP101325Leveraging PowerHA for i in an SAP Environment09/11/2008Kolby J Hoelzle
AS/400WP101335Lawson M3 on IBM PowerHA for i09/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP101468Lawson M3 7.1 on IBM POWER 520 and IBM i V6.109/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP101650Lawson 9.0.1 on IBM i V6.1 and IBM POWER609/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP101682Lawson M3 on IBM POWER7 and IBM i 7.109/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP101697SAP on IBM i Recommendations and Review07/28/2014Ron Schmerbauch
AS/400WP101733Lawson M3 on IBM Power 740 Express09/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP101815Lawson S3 on IBM PowerHA for i09/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP101816Lawson 9.0.1 on IBM i V7.1 and IBM POWER709/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP102130High Availability Options for SAP Using IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i06/13/2012Jenny Dervin
AS/400WP102229IBM and Infor Lawson ERP applications: workload optimization on the new IBM PureFlex System09/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP102246Infor XA on IBM POWER7+ and IBM i 7.109/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP102268IBM and Lawson M3 (an Infor affiliate) ERP software workload optimization on the new IBM PureFlex System09/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP102323Infor XA on IBM PureFlex POWER7+ and IBM i 7.109/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP102324Infor M3 on IBM PureFlex System with POWER7+09/17/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP102355Setting up Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for IBM i v2013R00 in an iASP Environment10/18/2013Robert Driesch
AS/400WP102424Infor M3 on IBM POWER7+ and using Solid State Drives03/04/2014Robert Driesch
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