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FLASH10722IBM PowerHA SystemMirror adds support for the IBM Power 7 720/740 (8205-E4B/E6B)09/16/2010Michael E Herrera
FLASH10705IBM PowerHA SystemMirror supports the IBM POWER7 75001/27/2011Michael E Herrera
FLASH10718PowerHA v6.1 EE adds support for NPIV w/ EMC SRDF08/04/2010Michael E Herrera
FLASH10703PowerHA SystemMirror V6.1 Supports EMC Symmetrix V Max02/05/2010Michael E Herrera
FLASH10720PowerHA SystemMirror EE 6.1 SP3 adds Hitachi TrueCopy Support09/24/2010Michael E Herrera
FLASH10721IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Supports the IBM Power 7 795 (9119-FHB)09/16/2010Michael E Herrera
FLASH10691PowerHA announces support for NPIV02/08/2010Michael E Herrera
FLASH10719PowerHA SystemMirror 6.1 SP3 adds DS8700 Global Mirror support10/18/2010Michael E Herrera
FLASH10673PowerHA/XD now supports async GLVM03/27/2009Michael E Herrera
FLASH10682IBM PowerHA supports the IBM PCI-Express SAS Adapters (#5901 and #5903)01/26/2011Michael E Herrera
FLASH10674PowerHA announces supports for SAS03/27/2009Michael E Herrera
FLASH10396Correction: HACMP Information in TSM Performance Tuning Guide07/23/2005Michael E Herrera
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