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WebSphere for z/OS Version 6 -- Understanding the HTTP Web Server Plugin

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS has had a "web server plugin" since the days of Version 4. With each new version there seems to be something new, something different about the plugin and how it works. WebSphere V6 for z/OS is no different. V6 introduced the notion of configuring "web servers" to WebSphere, and "mapping applications" to those web servers. There's talk of "managed nodes" and "unmanaged nodes." What's it all mean?

This presentation was created to cut through the haze of the new concepts and terminology and help you understand how this new plugin fits within it all. It's really not that much of a departure from what you're probably already familiar with. So take a look at this presentation and see if it doesn't start to make more sense.

PRS1467 - WebSphere for zOS V6 HTTP Plugin.pdf




Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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Information Management; WebSphere




WebSphere HTTP Web Server Plugin Session Affinity Managed Unmanaged Nodes

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