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Navigating the IBM Web in search of WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

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Don Bagwell

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: Abstract: Looking for information can be daunting inside a site as diverse as Within the WebSphere for z/OS product family, we are concerned with making your Internet search as productive as possible, which is why we have created this WebSphere for z/OS roadmap to direct you to the best sites for our product.

The WebSphere Application Server for z/OS product homepage at is the starting point for WebSphere for z/OS. This site features links into the Web sites and Web pages described below, as well as links into other informative sites and the latest news on the WebSphere for z/OS product.
  • Education Assistant at contains narrated presentations, Show Me Demonstrations, tutorials, and resource links to help you successfully use the IBM software products such as WebSphere.
  • WebSphere for Newcomers at contains just what it sounds like - an introduction to the WebSphere product and direction for newcomers to sites containing introductory level information for a variety of WebSphere versions and releases.
  • developerWorks WebSphere at provides technical information and resources for developers who use WebSphere products. developerWorks WebSphere provides product downloads, how-to information, support resources, and a free technical library of over 2000 technical articles, tutorials, best practices, IBM Redbooks, and product documentation. Beginners, experts, and those in between will find what you need to build enterprise-scale solutions using the open-standards-based WebSphere software platform.
  • WebSphere on System z developer resources page at

The WebSphere Application Server for z/OS eSupport site is designed to address the service and support needs of the WebSphere for z/OS user through a Hints and Tips section, FAQs, Product Information, and by offering APAR/PTF tables showing the latest service needs. On the left hand navigation panel are a variety of links to the many eSupport pages and, in some cases, to other sites. Here are a few helpful pages:




Product Positioning


IBM System z Family

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