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WebSphere for z/OS - Moving Nodes to Another MVS Image in the Sysplex

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Don Bagwell

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Abstract: NOTE - this document is "deprecated" ... starting in V6.1 a new WSADMIN AdminTask command makes this process MUCH easier. See Techdoc WP100792 for information on that process. We are leaving this document active for the sake of completeness.

ORIGINAL ABSTRACT: This document will discuss the key steps required to move a WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V5.1 node from one MVS image in a Sysplex to another. The process involves editing certain XML files and then regenerating the configuration. This document presents five different scenarios, and documents the step-by-step process for each. Some scenarios are fairly straight-forward; others a bit more complex.

Note: this document is "deprecated" ... a much easier process is documented in the WP100792 techdoc:

The process documented in WP100792 avoids editing of XML and uses a provided WSADMIN "AdminTask" command that does all the XML modifications. It's a much easier and much better process. The document says V6.1, but applies to V7, V8 and V8.5 as well.

The original document is located here. It involves hand-editing XML, which is always a bit risky. Back in the V5.1 days that's all that was available. However, starting in V6.1 the process was improved with a WSADMIN process as documented in WP100792.

The old process may work with higher levels of the code, but in general this process should be avoided and the process in WP100792 used.

WP100542 - Moving Nodes to Another MVS Image.pdfWP100542 - Moving Nodes to Another MVS Image.pdf




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IBM System z Family

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Information Management; WebSphere




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