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Server Time Protocol (STP) compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

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Gregory Hutchison
John Houston

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Advanced Technical Sales

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z Systems

Abstract: IBM is alerting z Systems customers about changes required to operate in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulated industries.

Recent regulation changes announced by FINRA significantly reduce the allowable dispersion from universal time of systems processing certain financial trades. The date by which customers must meet these new regulations is staged. See the attachment for dates requiring compliance. It is important that all customers involved in the financial industry carefully evaluate their situation.

All currently supported z Systems machines running Server Time Protocol (STP) already contain the features required to enable the machine to meet the new regulatory timing requirements. An External Time Source (ETS) and Pulse Per Second (PPS) exploitation will be required.
Not all vendor NTP servers are capable of exploiting PPS. It is possible that some customers will have to purchase new vendor equipment (External Time Source with Pulse Per Second capability) to take advantage of this feature. Pulse Per Second (PPS) is a standard, together with Network Time Protocol (NTP), that provides precise notifications to connected systems so long as the PPS provider is attached to a compliant time source.

z Systems Time Synchronization with FINRA.docz Systems Time Synchronization with FINRA.doc z Systems Time Synchronization with FINRA.pdfz Systems Time Synchronization with FINRA.pdf

Note: To use PPS, STP must access the NTP server directly from the Support Element IP Address and LAN instead of through the Hardware Management Console (HMC) IP Address. For more detailed planning information on PPS, see section "2.3.3 NTP server with pulse per second" in the STP Planning Guide, Redbook SG24-7280.

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