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Field experience with SVC Rack and Stack

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Donald C Laing
William Turnau

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Global Technology Services

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SAN Volume Controller

Abstract: Six years of study across 3 Geo's and 100 SVC clusters have revealed a connection between the logical and physical health of the SAN Volume Controller (SVC). This session will reveal the issues risks and recommendations that have resulted from incorrect physical implementations. You may be surprised that over 60% of physical installations have at the least one leading issue. We will look at the top 5 physical issues that impede function and performance. Learn the issues and how to mitigate them with the least disruption, bring function and performance back to the SVC.

Orlando-SVC-Rack and Stack-v1.4.pdfOrlando-SVC-Rack and Stack-v1.4.pdf


Hardware; Solutions




Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO)



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Information Management



Field experience with SVC Rack and Stack

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