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Exporting and formatting the DS8000 Logical Configuration

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Craig Gordon

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 2107; # 2421; # 2422; # 2423; # 2424 ; # 2831; # 2832; # 2833; # 2834; DS8000; DS8870; DS8880; DS8884; DS8886; DS8888

Abstract: Export and format the DS8870 and DS8880 system summary

Starting with DS8870 at R7.5 and continuing on to the DS8880 models, you can export the logical configuration (system summary) report to show the defined resources within the DS8000. This spreadsheet can be used to import and then format the CSV file which is provided by the export. The spreadsheet has a single import button that you then will point to the file. The macro will format the report.

A short video demonstrating the export function is provided as well as the slides from the recording.

Exporting DS8000 System Summary 2016-12-27.pdfExporting DS8000 System Summary 2016-12-27.pdf Exporting the DS8000 System Summary 2016-12-27.mp4Exporting the DS8000 System Summary 2016-12-27.mp4DS8000 GUI Import Logical Configuration Data 07Feb2019.xlsbDS8000 GUI Import Logical Configuration Data 07Feb2019.xlsb




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