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IBM ProtecTIER Replication Overview

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Mervyn Venter

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IBM Systems

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Product(s) covered:

TS7610; TS7650

Abstract: This presentation provides an Overview of the VTL IP Replication function for the ProtecTIER Virtual Tape product. This function allows virtual media to be replicated to one or more remote sites for disaster recovery purposes.

This pitch explains the various replication concepts, then does a screen cam demo. The demo shows how to set up a replication grid for both a many-to-one and many-to-many topology. It then creates a replication policy and sets the scheduling and rate limits. Finally it shows a disaster recovery failover and failback. The screen cam demo is based on the ProtecTIER 3.1 code level.

The pitch was given at Edge 2012 in Orlando and the 2012 POWER Technical University in Las Vegas.

The pitch fits in a 1:15 time slot so long as there aren’t too many questions.

Use this pitch in conjunction with the “IBM ProtecTIER Overview with Screen Cam Demo” pitch for a full tour of the VTL functions of ProtecTIER. The Overview pitch is also stored on Techdocs.

Please feel free to contact the author with any questions or suggestions.

IBM ProtecTIER Replication - V1a - for Techdocs.pptIBM ProtecTIER Replication - V1a - for Techdocs.ppt


Hardware; Software; Solutions


Backup and Recovery


Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO)


IBM Storage


AIX; i5/OS; IBM i; Linux; OS/400; Solaris; Windows


ProtecTIER deduplication “virtual tape” TS7650 TS7610 TS7620 3958 3959

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