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TS7700 90 Day and 24 Hour Performance Evaluation Spreadsheets

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Jim Fisher

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 3957; # 3957-V06; Virtualization Engine; Virtualization Engine TS7700

Abstract: Provided below are spreadsheets to assist in the evaluation of the TS7700 performance. Spreadsheets for both a 90 day evaluation and a 24 hour evaluation are provided.

The 90 day evaluation spreadsheet can be used for 1, 2, 3 or 4 cluster grids. There is an accompanying data collection guide. The first worksheet of the spreadsheet has instructions for populating the data into the spreadsheet.

There are separate 24 hour spreadsheets for 2, 3 and 4 cluster grids. The spreadsheets use the 15 minute interval data to produce charts for a 24 hour period. There is also a data collection guide.

These spreadsheets are intended for experienced TS7700 users. A detailed knowledge of the TS7700 is expected as well as familiarity with using spreadsheets.

These are the 90 Day related files:
90 Day Trending 1, 2, 3, 4 cluster V10.xlsTS7700 90 Day Performance Evaluation Data Collection Requirements V13.doc

These are the 24 hour related files:

Four Cluster One Day 4 Pools V14.xlsThree Cluster One Day 4 Pools V14.xlsTS7700 7 Day Performance Tuning Data Collection Requirements V12.docTwo Cluster One Day 4 Pools V14.xls






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TS7700, TS7720, TS7740, 7700, 7720, 7740, virtualization engine, 3957

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