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IBM PowerHA SystemMirror v7.1.2 Enterprise Edition Adds Support for the EMC® Symmetrix® VMAX®

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Michael E Herrera

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PowerHA SystemMirror

Abstract: VMAXe SRDF support is available for PowerHA Version 7.1.3 as of July 30, 2015

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror v7.1.2 Enterprise Edition Adds Support for the EMC® Symmetrix® VMAX®
(update for VMAXe below0
July 29, 2016 (updated June 2019)

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX* V7.1.2 for AIX V6.1 and V7.1 Enterprise Edition adds support for the EMC Symmetrix VMAX. Follow on releases will be maintained and supported (updated code levels outlined at the end of this flash)

PowerHA SystemMirror V7.1 Enterprise Edition now supports High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) capability with EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) replication with the EMC Symmetrix VMAX. Support is for both Synchronous and Asynchronous SRDF mirror capabilities.

Please refer to the following information for support details.

Symmetrix VMAX
AIX V6.1
AIX V7.1
AIX V7.2
PowerHA V7.1.2 Enterprise Edition
PowerHA V7.1.2 SP 3
AIX 6.1 TL8 SP 3
AIX APARs IV43497, IV43498
PowerHA V7.1.2 SP 3
AIX V7.1 TL2 SP 3
AIX APARs IV37880, IV41728
PowerHA V7.2.0 Enterprise Edition
AIX 6.1 TL9 SP6
AIX V7.1 TL3 SP6
AIX V7.1 TL4 SP2
AIX V7.2 SP2

Addition EMC/SRDF Software Requirements:
  • EMC SYMCLI - SYMCLI.SYMCLI.rte (The SYMCLI command line interfaces must be installed in the default location, /usr/symcli/bin)
  • EMC Storage Subsystem:
  • DMX-3 with microcode 5773.184.130 or higher
  • DMX-4 with microcode 5773.184.130 or higher
  • VMAX with microcode 5875 or higher
  • PowerPath
  • Customers running EMC Solutions Enabler 7.60 should install SE Hotfix Please see EMC Primus Case emc321039 for details.

Service can be obtained from the IBM Electronic Fix Distribution site at:

Updates: June 2019
As part of regular testing with PowerHA 7.2.3 release, EMC and solution enabler is supported

Updates: July 29, 2016

PowerHA V7.2 appended to the table with supported levels

Updates: July 30 2015
PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1.3 Enterprise Edition now also supports EMC Symmetrix VMAXe storage subsystems. Following software are needed for such support:

  • PowerHA SystemMirror: 7.1.3 SP3
  • AIX 6.1 TL09 SP5 or AIX 7.1 TL03 SP5
  • Solutions Enabler 8.0.3
  • PowerPath 6.0
  • Enginuity: 5876.268.174

For questions or concerns, please send a note to

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