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IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Supports IBM VIO Server V2.2.2 Shared Storage Pool

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Michael E Herrera

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PowerHA SystemMirror

Abstract: IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Supports IBM VIO Server V2.2.2 Shared Storage Pool

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Supports IBM VIO Server V2.2.2 Shared Storage Pool
March 31, 2013

IBM* PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX*, Versions 6.1 and 7.1 extend support to include IBM Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) V2.2.2 Shared Storage Pool virtual SCSI, virtual Ethernet, and NPIV devices on all PowerHA supported IBM POWER6* and POWER7* processor-based servers along with IBM Blades.

Please refer to the following table for support details.

AIX Client LPARs Running PowerHA
VIO Server
AIX v6.1
AIX v7.1
PowerHA SystemMirror v6.1
AIX V6.1 TL05,
PowerHA V6.1 SP3,
AIX V7.1
PowerHA SystemMirror V7.1
AIX V6.1 TL06
AIX V7.1

  • PowerHA XD GLVM is supported with VIO
  • PowerHA 7.1 supports cluster communication between hosts using SAN connections that exist between them. More information about the SAN communication can be found in the PowerHA 7.1 documentation. With the release of VIOS SAN communication can be established for PowerHA LPARs/nodes even when the storage adapters are virtualized through VIOS. SAN communication is enabled by establishing a VLAN between the VIOS client and the VIOS (setup instructions are available in AIX documentation). SAN communication through VIOS can be setup for both NPIV and vSCSI environments.
  • PowerHA 7.1 is fully supported with all supported previous levels of IBM VIO Server. However, these levels do not provide support for SANCOM, which requires features only available in VIO Server 2.2.

All support and restrictions associated with Virtual Ethernet provided by IBM VIO Server V2.2 apply to the corresponding level of IVE.

Service can be obtained from the IBM Electronic Fix Distribution site at:

For questions or concerns, please send a note to HA Feedback at:

HA Solutions Feedback/Poughkeepsie/IBM or

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