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Accessing z Systems HMC Log Information Using the HMC Log Tool (HLT)

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John Goodyear

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Hardware Management Console; Java; z13; z/OS

Abstract: IBM zEnterprise HMC Audit and Security log retrieval and reporting tool.

IBM zEnterprise delivered new functionality with the z13, providing new Web Services API calls to retrieve security and audit log events from both the HMC and Support Elements. These new calls allow customers to extract information documenting the activities performed against the System z environment. Customers can analyze this data to understand usage patterns of their systems, and trace changes to their systems.
This document describes an example Java application called HMC Log Tool (HLT). HLT is set of command line tools and other supporting code that retrieves log information using the zEnterprise Web Services APIs and generates reports on the desired information from specific, or all events. HLT includes a report template language which allows the user to define what information they want to see for a particular event.

The HLT log tool and supporting scripts and JCL are included in the attachment. hlt-1.0.pdf provides overview of the tool, as well as installation and usage instructions. hlt-1.0.pdfhlt-1.0.pdf


Hardware; Software


Operational Management


IBM System z Family




Hardware Management Console, HMC, z13, z/OS, Web Services API

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