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Data and Storage Migration Methods for Power Systems

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Donald C Laing

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Global Technology Services

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DS4000; DS4100; DS4200; DS4300; DS4500; DS4700; DS4800; DS5000; DS5020; DS5100; DS5300; DS6000; DS8000; DS8300; DS8700; DS8800; DS8870; SAN Volume Controller; SAN Volume Controller SW; SDD; Storage Area Network; TotalStorage; XIV storage systems

Abstract: This presentation discusses data migration techniques and methods using AIX Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to move data volumes between IBM storage subsystems concurrently. Data migration is no longer confined to annual refreshes or data center moves; it has become an everyday task. We will explore migration triggers, key decision factors and planning, project plans, and commands and scripts that Power Systems administrators can use to move data seamlessly and avoid issues and risks.

Orlando-Storage Migration MethodsV1.1.pptOrlando-Storage Migration MethodsV1.1.ppt


Services; Solutions


Installation and Migration


Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO)


Cross-Platform; IBM Power Systems; IBM Storage


AIX; HP-UX; Solaris; Windows


Data and Storage Migration Methods for Power Systems

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