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ZMAN1 - zEnterprise zManager Workshop

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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z196; zBX; zEnterprise; zEnterprise 196

Abstract: The objective of the ZMAN1 workshop is to introduce participants to some of the key features and functions of the zEnterprise and zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager. This is accomplished with a series of lectures and hands-on labs. The ZMAN1 workshop is yet another in the wide array of workshops provided by IBM Advanced Technical Skills under the "Wildfire Workshop" banner

The material provided below is what's presented in the workshop. Each unit is presented in two forms: slide format and speaker note format. In the actual workshop attendees also have access to the hands-on lab instructions which take them through the creation of virtual servers, the creation of performance workloads, and the use of Dovetail Technologies' "Co:Z" product to do a bit of interesting "inside-out" work.

This workshop is based on the original development and delivery work of Riaz Ahmad, Mary Astley, John Goodyear and Brad Snyder, all of the IBM ATS organization.

The Wildfire Workshops are a series of no-fee product awareness and demand generation hands-on workshops presented by the Advanced Technical Skills organization. For more on Wildfire, including the current schedule, see:

Workshop Promotional Flyer
Workshop Presentation Handouts
    These are provided in two forms -- PDF of charts, and PDF of charts with speaker notes under each.

    Unit 1 - Introduction and Overview
    Unit 2 - Survey of zEnterprise Environment
    Unit 3 - Pre-Workshop Setup

      Some of the setup work associated with zEnterprise is one-time activity performed shortly after the machine is physically installed. Rather than gloss over that work we have captured screen shots of the task activities. This unit presents those activities with a description of what provides in the overall context of zEnterprise.

      Unit 3 - Pre-Workshop Setup - CHARTS.pdfUnit 3 - Pre-Workshop Setup - CHARTS.pdf
      Unit 3 - Pre-Workshop Setup - NOTES.pdfUnit 3 - Pre-Workshop Setup - NOTES.pdf
    Unit 4 - Platform Performance Management

      A key function of the zManager "Automate Suite" is the ability of zManager to monitor overall system performance against your defined workloads and goals. And, depending on the hypervisor, make adjustments to the CPU to help manage workloads to the defined goals. In this unit we provide some essential information about workload management, then cover in some detail zManager's implementation of it. We finish up with a survey of the platform performance management reports available through zManager.

      Unit 4 - Platform Performance Management - CHARTS.pdfUnit 4 - Platform Performance Management - CHARTS.pdf
      Unit 4 - Platform Performance Management - NOTES.pdfUnit 4 - Platform Performance Management - NOTES.pdf
    Unit 5 - Usage Scenarios (Co:Z)

      Co:Z is technology available from Dovetail Technologies. It provides a mechanism to seamlessly offload work to a processing platform other than z/OS. It does this by using SSH and a set of software function setup in a client/server arrangement on z/OS as well as the target system. To the z/OS process the work is all done on z/OS ... that maintains operational continuity. But in fact components of the work you specify are streamed out to the target system where the work is done and the results streamed back.

      Unit 5 - Usage Scenarios - CHARTS.pdfUnit 5 - Usage Scenarios - CHARTS.pdf
      Unit 5 - Usage Scenarios - NOTES.pdfUnit 5 - Usage Scenarios - NOTES.pdf

Workshop Presentation Handouts


Hardware; Software


Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




z196, zBX, zEnterprise, zEnterprise 196

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