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IBM WebSphere Liberty Java Batch

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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WebSphere Application Server

Abstract: Batch processing has been part of IT for a long time. Java batch has existed in different forms for the past 10+ years. In 2013 a open standards group defined a standard for Java Batch. That standard is known as JSR 352, and is part of the broader Java EE 7 open standard. IBM Liberty Profile is Java EE 7 compliant, which means it includes JSR 352 as well.

IBM's implementation of JSR 352 incorporates all the required interfaces. In addition, IBM provides extensions to make the the operational aspects of using IBM's JSR 352 more productive. This Techdoc provides information on IBM's JSR 352 implementation found in Liberty Profile (all platforms) and above.

Technical Executive Overview
    This two-page executive overview paper provides the essential information for IBM's JSR 352 implementation.

    Note: Printed in color and duplex on glossy paper stock, this makes an excellent "single sheet of paper" handout at events and meetings.

    WP102544 - Exec_Over - IBM JSR 352 Java Batch.pdfWP102544 - Exec_Over - IBM JSR 352 Java Batch.pdf

Overview Presentation (with Speaker Notes)
YouTube Video
    An animated video of the overview presentation can be found at this YouTube location:

    For those who do not have YouTube access, the video in source format can be found here:

Wildfire Workshop

Wildfire workshops are no-fee, hands-on workshops that allow you to explore technology in a structured workshop setting. The workshop for IBM Liberty Batch is a two-day event. The material covered is described in the following descriptive flyer:

ZJBATCH Workshop Flyer.pdf

Quick Start Guide
    The document here provides the essential steps in setting up and using IBM's JSR 352. The document is only 8 pages long, so some of the more advanced features of IBM's JSR 352 implementation are not shown. For those, see the "Step-by-Step Implementation Guide" below.

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide
    This document is 80+ pages long and provides a fairly detailed step-by-step instructions for configuring and using the WebSphere Liberty Java Batch solution. The document's focus is on the z/OS platform, but a great deal of the configuration information is common across platforms.

    This guide can serve as a self-guided "Proof of Technology" for IBM WebSphere Liberty Java Batch.

    WP102544 - WLB Step-by-Step Implementation Guide.pdf
Sample Configuration Illustration
    This document provides an illustration of an actual WebSphere Liberty Java Batch configuration we have running in the test lab. This is a multi-server configuration using a "dispatcher" server and two "executor" servers, with IBM MQ as the queueing mechanism between the dispatcher and executors. This also illustrates how batch events operates.

    Note: this is a sample, and is intended as an illustration only. Please review all security samples and configuration values and modify as needed to comply with your local standards and policies.

    WP102544 - Sample Configuration.pdf

Knowledge Center

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AIX; Linux; Windows; z/OS


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